Gallery, 189 Pieces


  Making the Vase: Not bad, is she?   Kluane Saunders, Owen Clark, Natalia Hinds, Jenn Harper, Lilian Schiffer, Lee White



 Bulstrode: The Vase was special  The Duchess (Kluane Saunders), Jenn Harper (The Vase), Mulcahy (Lee White), Lilian Schiffer (Mrs.Delany)




 Glass must be breakable  Jenn Harper as The Vase 




 In the Museum: Only the tourists to deal with these days  Owen Clark, Kluane Saunders, Jenn Harper, Lee White,  Natalia Hinds







First performance of 189 Pieces, by The Company, at the Steyning  Festival, June 2014